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The Photoshop course provides an excellent introduction to this industry-standard image editing software. After learning the major Photoshop features and tools, you will be able to use Photoshop creatively to make stunning designs suitable for print or for the web, and to retouch and enhance digital photos. Even if you are already familiar with Photoshop, this course is still for you as it can be tailored to your requirements and there will certainly be techniques and tools that are new to you. A graphic designer arranges and uses creative elements like photos, illustrations, type, shapes, color and texture using graphic design software such as Photoshop in order to create logos, advertisements for print, book designs, brochures, billboards, product packaging, posters, magazine layout, newspaper layout and more.

Some Of  The Objectives

After this course student will be able to:

• Exploring the Menu Bar
• Introducing the Toolbox
• Understanding the Options Bar
• Using Palettes
• Customizing Photoshop
• Opening and Navigating Images
• Using Adobe Bridge
• Getting Help
•  Using the Marquee Tools
• Exploring the Lasso Tools
• Creating Selections Using the Magic Wand
• Using Color Range to Create Selections
• Creating Selections Using Extractions
• Transforming a Selection
• Copying Pasting and Moving a

Course Project

You will learn to use layers, layer effects, filters, painting and blending, and color modification. Also, you will learn how to create images of different formats for different applications.


  • Adobe Photoshop Expert

Course Outline

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