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Price:R2700 x 11 Months

Diploma: Public Sector Accounting

NQF L5 (SAQA ID:20353)

Total Credits: 137

Title with ICB Designation: Public Sector Accountant


5. Financial Statemtents ( FNST )

6. Cost And Management Accounting ( CMGT )

7. Technical Public Accounting ( TPAC )

8. Business Law and Accounting Control ( BLAC )

What you’ll be able to do

Work as a qualified Accounting Technician in the Public Sector. Make a positive contribution to the country by improving Finance Management; Contribute to the optimal use of the state resources; demonstrate a shift from cash to accrual accounting.

What your Title can be

Technical Public Accounting, Accounting Technician in the Public Sector.


National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting, which consists of the previous 4 Subjects.

Registration Fee

R 2000.00

Monthly Payment

R 2700.00

Inclusive of Lectures, Textbooks & Assessments

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