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Montly: R2000 x 11 Months

Duration: 12 Months


National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting

NQF L5 (SAQA ID: 36213

Total Cumulative Credits: 251

ICB Membership Designation: CTFAIcb (SA)

Title with ICB Designation: Certified Technical Financial Accountant


7. Income Tax Returns (ITRT)

8. Business Law and Accounting Control (BLAC)

What you’ll be able to do

Complete a full set of Accounts for a Financial Year; Support Management in Finance and Accounting; Become a SAIT Tax Practitioner (Once you meet their requirements); Know the ins and outs of Accounting, Taxation (Individuals and Companies), Auditing and Business Law.

What your Title can be

Technical Financial Accountant, Financial Manager, Accounting Technician, Tax Technician, Financial Services Manager.


 Assessed as Competent in the previous learning areas (1-6) – i.e. hold the Further Education and Training Certificate: Bookkeeping NQF L4

Registration Fee

R 3000.00

Monthly Payment

R 2000.00 x 11 Months

Inclusive of Lectures, Textbooks & Assessments

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